Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Well, here we are at the other end of winter and the jury has returned the verdict on the need for a isn't!  The oil filled rad has managed to keep things toasty and was never over 3/4 of full capacity.  I have to say that if you're a part timer, you'll either need to fathom out how a mains timer works, or have splendid friends who will turn the heater on for you before arriving because it does take a few hours to get from ambient temperature (let's say 5c) to something approaching comfortable.
That's not to say that the yurt will be fire free, just that a smaller, less obtrusive fire might be more suitable.

This summer's insect of choice is.....drumroll.....the whitefly.  Where they are coming from is beyond me but the little buggers are annoying and if you get one in your ear it sounds like a Messerschmidt.

General report, the canvas is holding up well despite green stuff on the south side where it doesn't get any sun.  The new waterproofing layer of DPM is still proving to be of value and not causing any damp or condensation, it also means water drains off faster and doesn't gather at the skirt bottom and fester, the crown is still waterproof but the windows are suffering a little UV damage and going very slightly milky, hardly surprising really.

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  1. hi, how's things with the yurt now? great to read your blog as I have similar yurt to yours which I'm just about to start living in...... how is the DPC layer holding up? any problems with it? any further updates on solar PV panels / batteries etc would be really great to hear. thanks :)