Wednesday, 10 February 2016

6 years on...

Been a while hasn't it!  Quick update, 'my' yurt turned into 'our' yurt after falling in love again with my childhood sweetheart.  It easily accommodated the double bed and the plethora of soft toys that come with a feminisation of a manspace.  The crown cover suffered some UV damage and the clear windows split, luckily no water got in and I was able to effect a temporary fix with glue, a tarp and some motorcycle tyres.  It's holding out well enough and the tarp is keeping most of the light out which is actually quite nice seeing as we don't always want to wake up at sunrise.  The outside is greeeeen!  Not falling apart but is rapidly reaching the stage of needing replacing for aesthetic reasons or at the very least, needing some whitewash in summer to squeeze another year out of it.

I (we) still greatly enjoy our time in the yurt, in the fresh air and with the creatures who exists just the other side of the canvas.