Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Winter Heating Rethink

I'm switching to paraffin heating for this winter, the fire was nice but the cost of buying logs and finding suitable kindling was ridiculous. Obviously having a fire in the yurt transforms it totally, but the unpredictable nature of the temperature rises and falls with a large fire mean that it's a constant battle trying to keep a stable temperature going. In addition to that, I spend long periods of time in the workshop, tinkering, and in that time the fire normally fizzles.
Anyhoo, the Prity will probably be leaving the yurt this weekend and the space it took up will be utilised as a kitchen area for preparing and cooking nosh. It's an ideal spot, right under the lightest area of the yurt and near what will soon be a ventilation hole (where the chimney went).
Here's the heater (2.5kw technically), will run for about 17 hours on a 3.8l fill.

Obviously it's possible that it won't be up to the job, but the advantages of running something as stable and compact as this heater, outweigh the advantages of a fire, which are mostly aesthetic.