Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Rain rain rain......

The persistent rain is have a bit of a negative effect on the canvas walls, I've noticed that right at the bottom of the canvas, it's pretty much saturated and is resulting in some black mould, nothing terminal or damaging, but it's not ideal.  It's not bad enough to smell or have any other undesirable consequences, but it will need some thought, and the thought is this...

You might want to turn the sound off for this video, also, if you can work out where the bloke's face is for most of the video, you can put a Post It note there and still see the video without having to look at the gurning idiot.
I've used it years ago to rubber coat tool handles and anything else that remained stil for long enough to get rubberised.  The idea is to wait for a good hot spell, get some air to the walls, wait till they are totally dry, then with a spray gun and thinned out Plasti Dip, rubberise the canvas to make it totally waterproof.  Not sure how much 5 litres will cover, but the bottom will get treated first and then we'll see what's left.

Last weekend was a hum dinger for some pretty lairy blustery wind, with 50mph gusts, it was a bit noisy outside, so noisy I had to use earplugs to get to sleep.  It's at times like this that I truly appreciate the importance of considerate and well thought out siting of the yurt, why? because the next morning I was shown by Lou (one of the lovely house people) that the previous night's wind had torn a significant chunk of 8" leylandii bough down, depositing it perfectly next to the chickens.  Although the yurt is close to trees, none of them are large enough to pose any real danger, nor are they of the randomly falling over flavour of tree (Chestnut is the closest).

While we're here I'd like to nominate the Bissell cordless sweeper as most awesome yurt tool of 2011, using compressed logs for fuel is a messy business, touch one and there's sawdust all over the floor, on top of that, I like toast and other crumbly foodstuffs that the Bissell munches down like there's no tomorrow.  It gets used multiple times a day and I'd be lost without it.