Monday, 14 November 2011

The General State of Things.

The general state of the yurt after a year and more outside is as follows.

Inside: Absolutely tip top, no wood splits, no peeling paint (other than that which has blistered due to heat), averything holding out well. The horsehair string that holds the poles to the lattice walls also makes excellent bedding for fieldmice, as I found out after I caught two of them nesting in a drawer. Ingenious little beggars they are, they stole a variety of materials from around the yurt including a final layer of aluminium foil as a reflective surface. Quite how mice go to know about the thermal reflective properties of foil is beyond me.

Outside: The side of the yurt facing the trees and with least airflow has begun to go green and it looking grubby, the other side that catches the sun and wind is in excellent order. The time is coming for a major airing of all the layers and maybe a blast with a jetwash to get the green off.

The outriggers we made to make up for the incorrect measurement of the base are holding up well, but I fear they will not last as long as the rest of the base due to their being quite thin and closer to the elements than other parts of the structure.

All in all, I still love time spent in the fresh air, with good people and close to nature, all of which come with yurt life.

Robin Attack!!!

Ok, so there I am round the back of the yurt fiddling with the leisure battery when I hear "donk, donk donk donk....donk donk....donk....." coming from inside. I knew full well that no one was in there so I tentatively went round the front to have a look though the open door and was rather taken aback by a robin coming at me, full pelt! Luckily the cheeky little chap swerved at the last minute and escaped.
He had left, how shall we say, a few messages to indicate his presence. Curious as to why he was in there in the first place, I sat quietly and waited. Within a couple of minutes there was a flutter at the door, followed by the "donk donk donk...." I heard earlier. This time I saw exactly what the robin was up to, he was attacking my toaster! He must have flown past the open door, seen his reflection in the chrome toaster and got all alpha male over the idea of another robin on his patch. The little bugger was furious, flapping and jumping around, showing his bum to the toaster and generally being a thug. I'll try and lure him back next week and get some footage.