Friday, 30 November 2012

Brrrr! v2.0

I think we got lucky with the warm (and wet) weather persisting so long into November, normal service has been resumed, it's 1:30am and outside it's 1c while inside it's 0c.  Not quite sure how that works.  Good news is that the DPM wall upgrade seems to be working very well indeed, right now the external humidity is 87% and inside it's 64%, with the canvas walls that would have been much higher when left for a week.

Finally got round to jetwashing about half of the outside last week before the washer packed up.  IT was surprisingly effective but it probably would have been wiser to make jetwashing a regular maintenance fixture rather than waiting for green mould to take hold.  Reason being that the green mould seems to come in three layers, the green bit which blasts off really easily, a cream undercoat which takes a little more determination to remove, and a nasty black stain that will only lighten with the use of bleach.  If you're planning on having a yurt, read and follow the location instructions, keep them away from trees and try to put it in a place that gets good all round sunlight if you don't fancy a 3 monthly jetwash session.

Meanwhile, the paraffin heater is languishing at the end of the bed, it was a wee bit smelly, probably good in a larger room but in the confinement of a yurt, it became a little pervasive.  The low odour paraffin totally eliminates the smell but it's VERY expensive and the paraffin overlords seem to have an agreement on price because it's pretty much the same everywhere.

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