Monday, 18 October 2010

First nights.

Finally, last weekend and this weekend I got the spend a couple of nights in the yurt, and what a difference a week makes. Last week I made the MASSIVE mistake of lighting a fire in the woodburner before checking that it was actually cold enough outside to warrant a fire. In under 30 minutes the inside temperature was 40c and I was going mad with heat. Ended up sitting on the porch at 1am in my pants just trying to cool off and wait till the fire died off a bit.

This weekend was a little colder, so another fire was lit, and was going nicely (had jacket spuds in the woodburner oven, they were yummy!) so I shut it down to keep it going while a few other jobs were taken care of. Couple of hours later a friend tell me that she can hear the carbon monoxode detector going off in the yurt, this isn't good. The detector was indeed beeping like mad, I noticed that the smoke coming from the chimney had a strange plastic smell to it, so I inspected the wood and found that the offcuts that had been going on the fire were tannalised, the likely cuplrit for the fumes that freaked the detector out. Those bits will be outside use only from now on.

Anyhoo, once the fire had died, I felt safe to get some kip, except that it was still too hot, so I waited, then it got too cold, then it rained. It was like trying to sleep in a plastic cup.

I'm going to try some anthracite on the fire to see if it's any better at ticking over nicely and keeping the yurt warm over night.

Hot or cold, it soon pales into insignificance when you can fall asleep in your little round room that's lit by the moon.

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